Meet the Formula3 Team

Formula3 Fire and Forge coach Benji Simonton

Benji Simonton

Forge Circuit & Fire HIIT, Rev32
Studio Manager

Benji grew up in a family where sports was a religion and competition was a daily occurrence in his house. He has spent his whole life training others and himself to be a better athlete. Benji spent his 20’s playing professional baseball and trying to live out his big league dreams. In his 30’s he became a personal trainer and bodybuilder, still trying to scratch that competitive itch. Now that Benji is in his 40’s being the best means something entirely different. He has realized that we must move better first and now trains movement, not muscles. Moving better starts with having a strong and stable core. He doesn’t care how good a person looks, what he cares about is how a person moves and feels. “I want to change how people think when they think about what ‘getting fit’ means. It’s not about working harder it’s only about working smarter.”

Jessica Baker

Flow Yoga – Virtual

Hi, I’m Jessica Baker! I am born and raised in the beautiful state of Oregon, including attending college at the University of Oregon and Portland State University! I’m still an avid Duck fan, especially football as I used to dance for them on the dance team every half time. I was an aerial dancer for a company in Portland, a-wol dance collective for 10 years. Out of my love from my dance, I also fell in love with yoga. Yoga helped sustain my body, heal my body while I danced, helped me breathe better, and to this day is the number one way I deal with anxiety. My favorite jams on my playlist while teaching class can range from Crosby stills, Nash, and young, to ODESZA, Dave Matthews, OutKast, Tom Petty, and so much more. Outside of yoga, I love running, hiking, traveling, and hanging with my two awesome sons, Nash (six years) and Beaux (almost two).

formula3 flow yoga instructor jessica baker
Formula3 Fire and Forge instructor Janessa Smart

Janessa Smart

Forge Circuit, Fire HIIT, and Flow Yoga – Virtual

Hello beautiful people! My name is Janessa and I LOVE FITNESS! I first started my fitness journey teaching Zumba. It was my gateway into becoming a jack of all trades. I got my certifications as a Buti Yoga and Yoga instructor, as well as personal training. I’m also actively involved in a group that helps people find self-love and body positivity called Embrace You. My passion is to make health and fitness accessible to everyone and to show you you’re worth it!

My other passion…are my pups, who are typically at the studio or in the background while I’m filming our virtual workouts.

I’m so excited to work with you and help you throughout your journey. Let’s get fit and healthy from the inside out together!

Trevor Cross

Forge Circuit & Fire HIIT – Virtual

Hey everyone, I’m Trevor Cross and I was born in Salem, Oregon where I spent my childhood. I was really interested in sports even before I could speak…my first word was “ball”. I played baseball, basketball, and football in high school and continued playing basketball in college.

In my senior year of college, I was “discovered” by a modeling agency and ended up spending the next eight years traveling the world modeling and observing various cultures. It was on one of these travels that I met my wife, Kanyakorn from Thailand. We got married in Thailand and lived there for several years before returning to the United States.

After returning back to the US, I spent three years bartending at several watering holes. While I enjoyed the time spent with customers, I decided I wanted to focus my life on fitness and health and I returned to what I loved most. Working out has always been a part of my lifestyle and being able to share this with my clients has always been very rewarding.

Formula3 Fire and Forge instructor Trevor Cross
Formula3 Fire and Forge instructor Janessa Smart

Lindsay George

Forge Circuit and Fire HIIT – In-Studio

Hi! I’m Lindsay George. I was born and raised in Marin County and graduated from Chico State in Resort and Lodging Management where I continued on to manage resorts, salons, and spas for the next 10 years while also working as a hairstylist. 

Beginning at the age of 8, my competitive sports journey with swimming, dance, and basketball began and continued on through high school. I remember even at age 8 how powerful I felt both physically and mentally through sports. 

I became passionate about nutrition and overall wellness after suffering symptoms of Lyme Disease for 15 years. I was forced to be my own advocate and educator after being misdiagnosed and ultimately undiagnosed until just three years ago! I am NASM certified and a Precision Nutrition Coach. I love helping people by creating simple solutions to implement in everyday life. Wellness does not have to be overly complicated.

My other true passion is my family, including my two daughters and husband.