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Focused Results For Every Body

At Formula3 you get to choose your Focus: Forge (strength), Fire (cardio) or Flow (mobility) and then get to work knowing that every workout is carefully designed to help you reach your goals.

A Complete Fitness System

Formula3 ensures the most efficient use of your time. All our classes incorporate the three pillars of fitness (Forge, Fire and Flow) so that you know that you get a complete workout every time you visit the studio.

Anthony: Forge Focus

"A Forge Focus helped me lean out for my wedding and honeymoon. The workouts are super effective.”

Kacey: Flow Focus

“Formula3 provides the balance my body needs, with the convenience of having everything under one roof. I love taking classes at the studio.”

Hilary: Fire Focus

"When I started at Formula3 I had a strong fitness background and was looking for a change. I started with Fire for the cardio but love Forge because it lets me slow down and focus on building strength."

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