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If you’re looking for extra support beyond our Formula3 classes, then look no further than Rev32 Online.

Rev32 is an 8-week, 32 session workout program with supportive small group workouts, nutrition services, and coach support to help you take control of your health. Available in-person at the club or virtually, this full-service fitness and nutrition program will help you to say goodbye to bad habits and say hello to renewed energy and motivation.

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Live workouts (online through Zoom or in-person), weekly check-in meetings with your coach, and goal setting will keep you on track.

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Nutrition Services

Our coaches will teach you how to track macronutrients and plan your day around your food preferences and routines.

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Tailored Workouts

No matter your fitness level or ability, your coach will guide you through workouts specifically designed for you.

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See noticeable, sustainable results in how you look and how you feel.

New Session Begins May 2!

3 Options to Choose From


If you’re motivated by working out with others then this is the perfect choice for you. Workouts will take place at our Formula3 studio in Lafayette.


Need the flexibility of working out from anywhere? Our virtual option is perfect for anyone who travels often, doesn’t live nearby, or just wants the freedom to roll right out of bed and into your workout. 


Get the best of both worlds by choosing our hybrid option. You can choose to do some workouts in-person and some virtually depending on your schedule. 

What You Get with Rev32

Rev32 Online is an 8-week online workout program to help you take control of your health through live workouts, nutrition services, and support.

  • An 8-week, 32-session program with live, real-time and interactive small group workouts led by an elite personal trainer (4x per week).
  • Personalized nutrition coaching with specific macronutrient (protein, fat, and carb) ratios to determine optimal nutrient needs and weight loss goals.
  • Multiple one-on-one private sessions with head Rev32 trainer to discuss and adjust health and nutrition goals.
  • Weekly wellness sessions with your coach and small group to discuss obstacles, habits and best practices.
  • Access to countless resources to help you succeed, including meal prep, macro counting, travel workouts, recipes, and more.
  • Facebook community of like-minded friends to share success stories and strategies.
  • Freedom to participate from anywhere.

Meet Your Rev32 Coach

Formula3 Fire and Forge coach Benji Simonton

Benji Simonton

Forge Circuit & Fire HIIT, Rev32
Studio Manager

Benji grew up in a family where sports was a religion and competition was a daily occurrence in his house. He has spent his whole life training others and himself to be a better athlete. Benji spent his 20’s playing professional baseball and trying to live out his big league dreams. In his 30’s he became a personal trainer and bodybuilder, still trying to scratch that competitive itch. Now that Benji is in his 40’s being the best means something entirely different. He has realized that we must move better first and now trains movement, not muscles. Moving better starts with having a strong and stable core. He doesn’t care how good a person looks, what he cares about is how a person moves and feels. “I want to change how people think when they think about what ‘getting fit’ means. It’s not about working harder it’s only about working smarter.”


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