The Best Workout, Period.

Gone are the days of burn out and boredom. Our Formula is just what you need to stay motivated. Our classes are smartly designed to incorporate strength training, cardio, and flexibility into each session for the best workout, period!

Haven’t worked out in a while? That’s okay!

Our classes are made for anyone at any fitness level to thrive. You deserve to feel confident and capable and when you take a Formula3 class, you’ll walk away feeling just that.


Every single person is different. We get it. You have different goals, different interests, and like to have fun in different ways. Why go somewhere that only offers one type of workout?

We offer three different workouts, all under one roof.


Aiming to increase your strength and willpower? We’ll help you FORGE ahead.


Looking for a heart-pounding workout that will leave you sweaty and smiling? We’ve got you covered with FIRE.

Fusion TRX

The perfect workout for flexibility, core strength, and mindful movement




Build lean muscle and get strong with our Forge Circuit class, focusing on lifting weights and strength training.

Equipment used: weights, TRX, medicine balls, sandbags, bodyweight



Burn a ton of calories with our Fire HIIT class, focusing on cardio.

Equipment used: water rowers, elliptical sprinters, weights, sandbags

Fusion TRX

Mobility Training

Discover the perfect workout for flexibility, core strength, and mindful movement with Fusion TRX.

Equipment Used: TRX, sand bells, discs, bands

woman doing a bodyweight exercise movement from Fusion TRX