The Most Complete Workout.

There are only so many hours in a day and Formula3 Fitness was a concept built for people to check off all their fitness boxes in one workout. We all know we need strength, cardio, and stretching/mobility to have a well-rounded fitness regime. But most boutique fitness studios only offer one kind of workout leading to burnout, boredom, and injury.

two women posing for the camera with strength training equipment
fitness group posing after a fire cardio studio exercise class

Built to Solve a Problem

Leisure Sports Inc. (LSI), the parent company of Formula3 and the creators of ClubSport, Renaissance ClubSport, and The Studio, started hearing the same feedback over and over from its members, “What do I focus on?”, “What should I do first?”, “How can I possibly fit it all in?”, “Where do I start?”, and the idea for Formula3 Fitness was born.

We wanted to not only provide innovative classes that focused on each of those three pillars of fitness all under one roof and with one membership but create a system where you get a little of everything in each class to maximize your time.

Decades of Experience

Formula3 Fitness started long before our Lafayette studio doors opened in May of 2019. After building ClubSport and Renaissance ClubSport, Leisure Sports wanted to branch out into the boutique side of fitness. In 2010 The Studio in Danville was opened with the intention of providing a space that was more intimate and focused on its community of members. Within The Studio walls is where Formula3 started to come together. The “formula” was created, tested, and perfected by our own members to deliver the best workout.

There will always be a place for large gyms and clubs that offer you a wide variety of fitness options but for those that are in need of a place that helps them get in, get out, and get it done with a personal touch, this is the Formula for you.

woman doing exercise using trx suspension trainer
yoga group exercise class in warrior pose

Made for every fitness level

Haven’t worked out in a while? That’s okay! 

Our classes are designed for anyone at any fitness level to thrive. We also have a team of rockstar coaches and instructors who can help modify any move or exercise to ensure it works for you. You deserve to feel confident and capable and when you take a Formula3 class, you’ll walk away feeling just that.